Back to it

Today is the day.

I’ve been waiting for it for, hmm, a while.

My husband has finished studying and is on long service leave from work. He’s happy to look after house and children. Most of my contract work has wound up for the end of the year. For weeks I’ve been saying,

I wish your last exam was today. 

It’s my time to write. 


I’ve been away from my manuscript for a while now. I’m starting to worry that what I’ve done isn’t nearly good enough. I’ve lost the emotional momentum. I’m at that ‘difficult’ spot about 20000 wds in. My brain is swarming with new book ideas because, for me, starting something new is so much easier than finishing something already started. I whinged to my husband and he said,

Babe, invest in long term relationships.

I’ve loved these characters for so long. I couldn’t possibly count how many hours I’ve already spent with them. It’s Christmas, after all. Time to spend with family and long-time friends. 

My story hovers on this last line,

‘At least we have each other,’ her mother says. 

It won’t be the last line by this time tomorrow.



2 Responses to “Back to it”

  1. Good luck! Hope it goes really well and that you’re soon writing up a storm. Enjoy it.

  2. chrisbongers Says:

    Hey B, know how you feel. Beginnings and endings are so exhilarating to write. Middles can be like herding sheep towards a tiny gate off in the distance with pesky little things running off in different directions all over the place. 35,000 words in and struggling. Baaaa! cb

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