Zusack with that?

I’ve been out doing some last minute Christmas shopping at Indooroopilly Shoppingtown. Yes, I braved the ridiculous car parking situation and the multitudes of people. But, I did have a very nice breakfast at the Shingle Inn and am happy to report that they do a damn fine coffee. So much so, I shall now have to divide my time between there and Gloria Jeans (I’m such a tart). 

Between Kevin Rudd’s ‘here’s a bit of cash for you all at Christmas time’ hand-out and the competitive pre-Christmas department store discounting war, consumerism looks alive and well for another year. There is an up-shot, though, to the shopping frenzy. I was pleasantly surprised to find shorter lines in Myers, Target and Kmart than in any Indooroopilly bookstore. In every store, there were snaking lines of at least ten – twenty people holding piles of precariously perched hard and soft covered items. It was a pleasant feeling to realise that books are a last minute must-have. But I found myself thinking – on the back of my shingle-Inn coffee buzz – that bookshops should be encouraged to devise a McDonald’s-esque approach to sales. I’m thinking that it could be standard to ask ‘Would you like a Kimberly Freeman with that?’ or Jason Nahrung, or Chris Bongers (that will have to be after May, 2009, folks). This is of course assuming that at least one of the above Australian authors are amongst their purchases already. 

After buying my items, I made my way to the Red Cross gift wrapping station and happily donated to have my gifts wrapped. It felt good knowing that I could both have someone else wrap my presents neatly and efficiently (no tears and holes) and make a donation to a worthy cause. It started me thinking about how we could donate to the worthy cause of Australian literature (apart from buying as many books as we can). Here’s a thought. Take a friend or two into each bookstore. Choose your favourite author/s and engage in an audible (preferably loud) conversation about how brilliant the book and author is. See if you can’t increase an already teetering pile of books, of someone standing in the line, by just one more. ‘You must have a Marcus Zusack with that’.

Seeing all of those books is motivation to finish my own. I now have a new last line.

You should love live, love to cook, and the men will love you backher mother says and she knows they are important words to be remembered. 


3 Responses to “Zusack with that?”

  1. chrisbongers Says:

    Roll on June 09, so we can all order a Belinda Jeffrey to go!

  2. Hi Belinda, hope you have a Merry, Merry Xmas. I like your ‘last line’, and your blog looks great.
    Jo Sandhu

  3. molongloblogger Says:

    I remember (not fondly!) the Indooroopilly shopping centre from trips to visit my mum’s mother -a gigantic brain-bending maze. Thankfully I didn’t have to also try driving a car in the parking area.

    Over the Xmas shopping time I developed a taste for the Iced Cappuccinos at Gloria Jeans…and now have to wean myself off them. 🙂

    Hope you recovered from the shopping fairly soon afterwards and had a sensational festive season.


    Tim in Canberra

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