World Gone Mad!

Honestly, what is wrong with the world!

By now you’ve probably heard of the Australian author that was recently jailed in Thailand for the apparently defamatory nature of three sentences, referring to the Thai royal family, in a book that sold – wait for it – 10 copies! I know.  This is serious business, people. Those kind of distribution figures can change the opinion of an entire nation!

I am constantly amazed at the stupidity which undermines our ‘oh-so-evolved’ world. Where is the proportion between action and consequence? You can be jailed for three years (he got off lightly) in a Thai jail for  writing 3 sentences in a book that sells 10 copies. I recently heard of a child hurting themselves in a backyard and suing. I was told Elastics are now banned at schools (remember that good old game). They can flick someone in the eye. Hello, I’ve seen more damage done with an open hand or a fist!

A man once told me that he used to do charactures of people in the city. He had an area of concrete less than one metre square, that he had to insure in case anyone had a heart attack sitting in the chair while he drew their portrait, or tripped on the path.

Litigation is frigging insane!! We teach our kids to take responsibility for their own actions, but as soon as they grow up, the law all but says ‘if you can make someone else take responsibility, then good. Pocket some money!’ My son loves football, yet he’s not allowed to bring his ball to school and play. Football is banned. When I was a teacher, one child pocked another child in the ear with a  crayon. It was a terrible, unfortunate accident, no question. But there was an outcry for  crayons to be banned. I’ve also seen accidents with sharpened HB pencils. Oh my God, what about scissors? And paper cuts? 

But what is happening to Harry Nicolaides is no laughing matter. It is truly tragic and traumatic. And so unnecessary. Because here’s the really insane part. Had the Thai authorities not arrested and jailed Harry then no one – other than the handful of people that read his book – would ever have known about the comments, or spent a moment of their lives thinking about the Thai royal family at all! Now, thanks to the media, the whole world knows. I hope his book sells millions. That would be justice.


One Response to “World Gone Mad!”

  1. So true, Belinda!
    And it seems like an impossible task to get Harry Nicolaides out of jail. From what you read in the paper protests have bounced off the Thai government. The Australian governmnent and diplomatic officials should be applying more pressure instead of saying that he broke Thai law and you can’t interfere with a country’s justice system.
    What could Harry possibly have said about a royal family that sends him to jail? Seems so ridiculously over the top, doesn’t it?
    Here’s a support group for Harry Nicolaides on Facebook.

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