In the water

Is there something in the water?

I was interviewed a few weeks ago about being a ‘debut’ author in Brisbane for 2009. There’s a few of us around, and I’ve just had drinks with four fabo women all having their first book published this year. Brisbane girls (hehem. Women. Mature women).

I don’t know about the water, but Brisbane has great writers.

Sometimes you wonder about breaking into a new field. Especially a creative, artistic field like writiting. What’s the new culture like? Is it competitive? Will I feel small and insignificant?

I used to be a professional dancer (much, much younger days) and let me tell you, everything you hear about bitchiness, back-stabbing, sabotage, it’s all true. I’ve been punched up on my way to the stage. Stand-up claw scrathching, bad-mouthing attacks. Not by fans or crowds gone wild, but other dancers. I’ve had my money stolen by fellow dancers while on stage, had my costumes torn and hidden, you name it. My name scratched out of line ups. And the more successful you were, the more ‘front line’ time you got, the worse it was. Of course, not all the dancers were like this, but in a relatively small community, it only takes one bitch to ruin everything.

Let me tell you that the writing community is absolutely nothing like this. The Brisbane writing community rocks. I’m overwhelmed by how generous and supportive Brisbane writers are. It’s due to places like the Queensland Writers Centre and successful Brisbane writers and I’m grateful for the culture that they’ve created.

I don’t know what’s in the water, but I know of at least six Brisbane authors all awaiting the release of their first book this year. What great news. Water has nothing do do with it. At least, it can’t. Right?

…When did they start putting fluoride in our water?


6 Responses to “In the water”

  1. chrisbongers Says:

    Debutantes of the world take note – there’s comfort in creative bonding over a frozen margarita. Let’s celebrate the cluster – who knows where it might lead!

  2. I live in Brisbane, drink the water, and have my first book coming out in a few weeks so I think you’re on to something! And I totally agree – the Brisbane writing community does rock and I’m proud to be a part of it. Congratulations to you and your friends on your upcoming books.

  3. Hey, Belinda, how about a book based on your experiences as a dancer? Sounds fascinating!

  4. Hey, what about the Brisbane men who have books coming out this year? Invite for drinks only for the debut ladies? LOL.

    Good luck to all Brissy writers. May you all have a wonderful debut.



  5. belindajeffrey Says:

    I know. Drinks came about because I did an article for the QWC mag and interviewed the ladies. I actually thought about you and mentioned to Chris Bongers. We shall have to do a drinks night for all debut writers. Shall let you know!!

  6. I really need to get that QWC subscription. You’d think by now Kate would have waivered the costs and allowed me straight in. LOL. I’m holding out though.

    I’d love to get together next time you all have drinks.



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