Zen and the art of writing

I was running a training course the other day and we were telling stories about strange occurrences of chance and synchronicity. One of the women said,

Oh you must read the book, ‘The Sercret Life of Inanimate Objects.’ 

I was immediately captivated by the title. I knew then I had to find and read the book (I often respond intuitively to books I simply must read), but she went on to tell one of the stories mentioned in the book about a woman standing in the water fingering her much loved wedding band. She drops the ring in the water and looses it. Some years later she and her husband are in a restaurant and order a whole fish. Inside the fish is her wedding ring. 

What’s more strange and freaky to me – other than the story itself – is that the book I am writing at the moment is steeped in the mythology of the fish and I have been stuck at a point in the story, having no knowledge of how to get from where I am, to the next known point some way towards the end. All of a sudden, this story acted like a spark in my mind. I felt tingles and my creative subconscious opened up and a whole heap of ideas flooded into my mind (but I still had to teach for the rest of the day instead of rushing home to write).

But wait, there’s more!

The next morning, I woke up feeling tremedously excited about the next section of my book. I logged onto the internet and went searching for the book, ‘The Secret Life Of Inanimate Objects’. What I found on the cover of the book blew me away.

I have a friend, Katherine – writer and play-write – who has been talking about her uncle for some time. I knew his name, but I didn’t know anything else about him, other than he was a great writer and amazing man. I remember Katherine preparing her guest room for him to come and stay at some point. I remember him dying last year, and I have been following Katherine’s blog about her journey to know more about him. And there on the cover of the book I looked up on the internet, was his name. Llyal Watson. Katherine’s unlce, is the author of the book. Follow the links on this website to her blog.

It’s strange, too, because my book is also about synchronistic events. The way that things line up underneath our awareness.

Sometimes life is truly stranger than fiction.


4 Responses to “Zen and the art of writing”

  1. It surely is, Belinda. It’s as strange as my experience just before’Secrets of Eromanga’ was published….
    The only fossil record of the small ornithopod dinosaur in my junior fiction novel is in the rocks of Lark Quarry Dinosaur Stampede near Winton, which is why its name, ‘Wintonopus latomorum’ has that ‘pus’ – ‘foot’, rather than a ‘real’ species name.
    But then, like in my story, a part of this special dinosaur’s fossil was found not far from where I wrote about. Spooky.
    Here’s a link to that amazing place, Lark Quarry. What a pre-history we have in this country! http://www.environment.gov.au/heritage/places/national/dinosaur-stampede/lark-quarry/lark-quarry.html

  2. belindajeffrey Says:

    hey, this is cool, Sheryl. I’ll check out the link. Thanks for commenting. Y

  3. Wow, Belinda – I love it when this kind of thing happens. I have had so many spooky things occur as I have been writing my book – as I have been conjuring up the story and writing about specific things that I have no clue what they mean – they turn up later while researching other stuff. Strange and wonderful! Looking forward to reading your book.

  4. Hey, nice tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that person from that forum who told me to go to your site 🙂
    p.s. Year One is already on the Internet and you can watch it for free.

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