The business of writing

It’s a tricky thing trying to manage a ‘normal’ existence – what ever that really is – and the business of writing. Well it is for me. I survive the real world by taking on contracts and casual work. Some of it comes in intense bursts and some of it consists of jobs that continue all the time but require a few hours here and there. It works well on paper, but sometimes it all comes at once. And there’s the issue of keeping it all ‘managed’ in my head. I enjoy the work I do, and the time I spend with my kids. They still love me to sit with them and colour in or build lego, or just chat. But it often means that when I have some writing time, my head’s reeling from what I’ve been doing before. I’m trying to draw trees that resemble something like a tree while conversing with my son,and in the back of my head, I’m trying to nut out what my next scene looks like and how my character, Chang, would smoke a fish in 1938 somewhere in Chinatown, so that when I sit down to write, I have something to go with.

Some days I long for mental space more than time to write.


One Response to “The business of writing”

  1. chrisbongers Says:

    It’s hard to compartmentalise when you are a mother. I feel guilty when I’m physically with my children, but mentally far away. And really guilty when my fictional characters exert a stronger pull on my attention than my own children do. Sometimes I have to force myself to be in the moment with my kids, my husband, my friends. After all, they are real and I love them. I remind myself that delayed gratification is what novel-writing is all about. But it doesn’t make it any easier, does it?

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