Finished Book

It’s done.

On thursday night, I received a copy of my first book and I felt like a brand new Mum.

Look, I’ve got a book!

 I’ve seen every word and every page too many times to remember. I’ve seen the cover and the inset pages. Everything. But seeing it all together, as a complete book, is moving. I keep picking it up, looking at it, 

Did I really write this?

I don’t know why I’m so passionate about books and why I have to write them. Lots of them. Why does one person spend their lifetime perfecting the skill of cricket, or engineering, or painting, or writing? And why passion is so important?

Its been a few years now that I’ve known I want to be a writer. Not a person who writes one book, but a writer. I want to do this always. And that means getting up every day ( or most days), sitting at the computer and tapping out my thoughts. It doesn’t stop with a published book in my hands. If anything, having that book on my desk is an incentive to work harder. 

Brown Skin Blue will be launched in the first week of June and, while I have the occasional thought/worry about sales figures, my more immediate concern is finishing my next book. I want to have a completed draft by the time Brown Skin Blue goes on sale.

I had better get writing…


One Response to “Finished Book”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Belinda!! There is nothing in the world like the feel, look and smell of your new book. Let me know when it’s getting launched! 🙂

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