Brown Skin Blue Cover



This is my book! Thanks to the wonderful and generous Nick Earls for the cover quote. He’s a legend.

I finished writing this book so long ago, and yet it feels like it’s life is just beginning. Books have such distinct phases. There’s the writing phase when it’s just the characters, the world and the writer all in a little cocoon. Then there’s the editing and printing phase where it’s all neatened up,  scrubbed, spruced and dressed up. Then it goes to town…

I meet with various book reps and librarians in Brisbane and Melbourne next week as my book prepares to go to market. It will be launched and available for sale in the first week of June. Oh, yeah. This is real (pinching myself about now).


3 Responses to “Brown Skin Blue Cover”

  1. chrisbongers Says:

    Congratulations B! Can’t wait to buy my copy. And yes, Nick Earls deserves recognition for spotting and encouraging new talent!

  2. Congratulations, Belinda! It looks great. Can’t wait to read it.

  3. That cover stands out – which is what you want! 🙂

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