Still in the Water

A while ago I posted a blog about debut authors – there’s quite a few of us in Brisbane at the moment. 

Here’s the Courier Mail article that appeared in the paper on the weekend.

Queensland writers break out with debut novels

It can be difficult when you’re an aspiring writer, wondering whether anything you write will ultimately break through the slush piles. I entered a novel into the Premier’s Literary Awards a few years ago. Krissy Kneen was shortlisted. Karen Foxlee won. I was so disappointed that my novel didn’t make the list and wondered if I’d ever make it. And I remember being in awe of those two women.I’ve since read ‘The Anatomy Of Wings’ and Krissy Kneen’s ‘Swallow The Sound’ – and I can’t wait to read her memoir. These women are superb writers. And here we all are in the paper together.

The path to publication – and, indeed, the process of writing itself – is not linear. Sometimes it seems round about and upside down.  

If you’re a writer trying to break through, take heart. It can happen. Just keep writing.


2 Responses to “Still in the Water”

  1. Also, Belinda, it is probably important to remind ourselves that the publication is all about our ego. What occurs between ourselves and the page is the real stuff. I sit down to start my new novel and it is just as hard and frightening and soul destroying as it was before I had a contract for publication. I am still just as insecure. But when I wrote one fine page I was elated. That is the real stuff. This publication is a mighty fine icing, but all the good and awful things about writing are in the cake itself.


  2. belindajeffrey Says:

    so, so, so true, Krissy.

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