Q150 Steam Train.

DSCF1758IMG_0090A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to tag on the Q150 steam train from Townsville to Mt Isa as one of three writers. The writers component of the trip was to pay homage to the writers train that traveled through Queensland in the early 90’s with such writers as Nick Earls, Tim Winton, Thomas Kenelly and Thea Astley. It was a fantastic experience. You can read all about our adventures and check out some of the pictures on the AbC pool website, but I’ll post some of my train blogs here.


Hughenden and the State of Origin

To the great indignation of hardened and passionate maroon supporters, I  won the Royal Hotel State of Origin prize pack. Jersey, esky, ball, stubby holders. My interest in football is somewhere less than Matt’s devotion and Greg’s  general indifference. Matt had never missed a game, Greg had never seen one.

It was the company of my fellow writers and our new friends from the Q150 – and the promise of wine and lychee cruisers – that was my greatest lure to the pub last night. And I was damn hungry. Amongst early cheers of ‘Go the mighty maroons,’ I was cheering ‘Go the mighty buffet!’

It cannot be described as anything but mass outrage when I won the raffle. Bloody girly writer. From the city, no less! One bloke offered me $20 for the jersey after spending the entire night boasting how drinking one, two, three bottles of Grange Hermitage a night is nothing for him. So I declined his generous offer, but I’d have taken the grange, though.

I’m wearing the jersey now as I write, and I’m quite taken with the XL oversized shape it makes. And it kept me warm before the sun fully came up. The senior train conductor still can’t quite accept that a girl who thought the final score had been 24-18 was wearing the royal colours. On her train!! She’d decked out the train with red and white yesterday. In fact, balloons still swing above the tables in the dining carriage now. Sorry to one and all. You did try, but I scored. I’m keeping the shirt.


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