First Review

My first review came out a few weeks ago on the last day of the Q150 steam train journey. I was in Mt Isa sitting next to Greg Rogers at the newly opened Coffee Club. Here’s the blog I wrote about it for the ABC pool website.IMG_0189

It’s Saturday morning and Greg is running his author talk in the library and I click on facebook to check my emails. There’s a reference to a book review for Brown Skin Blue in today’s courier Mail. I leave Greg to his task – he won’t miss me for a moment – and bolt off down the main street of Mt Isa to the newsagent. “Sorry. Papers don’t arrive till lunch, love.” Bugger.

When our sessions are over, Greg and I – we’ve said goodbye to Matt – make our way down to the Coffee Club for lunch, grabbing a CM on the way. I leaf through the pages of the etc section and there’s my book review. It takes a second or so before I realise that there, beside my book review, is a review of Greg’s book, too. “f#$@ I’m beside Greg Rogers.” I look up. I am literaly beside Greg Rogers. Greg looks at me and says what he’s been saying to me all week. “Spooky!”


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