Radio National

It’s been a strange and wonderful month. My book is out there in the world – selling, I hope – and I’ve had some great reviews. I’m re-writing another manuscript at the moment and glimpsing the possiblity of a complete story, the way it was meant to be told. Quite the most enjoyable sensation. Ideas are great endorphins.

I’m doing a radio interview on Radio National’s Life Matters Tomorrow morning. Monday 13th July at 9:30am. If you’re free, tune in and listen as I try to be interesting and coherent (yes, I’m a little nervous).

And finally, some pictures of my book launch. If you were there, thanks so much for braving the cold and being a part of it. I managed to break the Avid Reader sales record for this year which is not a bad way to kick of the journey of Brown Skin Blue. Thanks to the fabulous team at Avid Reader and, especially, Krissy Kneen and the fabulous Nick Earls.

launch1launch 6launch 2


3 Responses to “Radio National”

  1. Belinda, I just listened to your Radio National segment – you were awesome. You spoke so well. Such an interesting interview. Congratulations. Give yourself a big pat on the back!



  2. belindajeffrey Says:

    Thanks so much, Lynn. It’s always a little hard knowing how it’s going when it’s just you a desk, a microphone and earphones in a room something like the Tardis – though my publisher came along (she’s a legend).

  3. Bum, I missed it. But good old Auntie – I can download it at a touch of the keyboard.
    Talk soon! 🙂
    PS Sounds like BSB is doing well, and so it should. 🙂

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