Krissy Kneen

Last night I went to the launch of Krissy Kneen’s debut sexual memoir, Affection. Paul Landymore – compete with kilt and boots – ran the evening’s event with style and humor. Benjamin Law was funny, charming and sincere and I suspect everyone will want him to launch their books in the future. Never have I seen so many flowers in one bookstore, no nor so much affection for a writer who truly deserved this moment. In fact I love  Krissy and her book so much I was happy to abdicate my crown – of the Avid reader sales record – to her.

Krissy’s publicist, Cora Kipling, and her editor, Mandy Brett, flew to Brisbane to be there last night. In fact, all of Mandy’s Brisbane authors were in the one room. Krissy Kneen, Kirsten Reid and, soon to be published, Christopher Currie. It seems that if you want a shot with Text Publishing, you must first work at Avid Reader.

This book will fascinate and confront you. It may well reduce you to tears. For what is most surprising about this book is not the sexual content, but the vulnerability. It makes your heart feel raw for all the right reasons.

Go out now and buy this book!

Reviewed by Adair Jones



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