Parallel Imports


This is my first blog about parallel importation – but it won’t be the last!

In a nut shell, the Australian Government are seriously looking at scrapping restrictions on parallel importation in the book industry. What this will mean is that Australian bookshops will be able to import cheaper mass produced books from overseas – aka America – instead of having to purchase books through the Australian publishing market. So if a book is published here – be it an Australian or international author – bookstores will be free – under the proposed legislation – to buy their copies from overseas. This means:

1. Australian publishing houses may not be able to survive financially.

2. Books will have Auatralian culturalisms Americanised or Enlishised.

3. The chances of an author like myself ever getting published will be very, very small – compared to now which is still small.

4. Authors which do not already have an international publishing contract – very hard to get – will not be able to compete at all.


The only people the change in legislation will benefit are the big bosses of multinational book companies who profess to be motivated by a desire to provide cheap books to the Australian consumer, but want larger shares of profits in their pockets. But at what expense?

Check out the website run by Sheryl Gwyther and her merry band of superstars.

Saving Aussie Books

And at last an MP is speaking out about the whole issue. Lets send him letters of support.

Author MP derides book import moves.



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