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I’ve been writing deliberately since my first year of University. I say deliberately because before that I would doodle words and sentences and ideas without knowing what I was doing and why (except for grade seven – read on). I even snuck out of bed one morning to my computer and madly started expanding an idea for a novel. After a while I thought ‘what the hell am I doing’ and then with equal horror, ‘I don’t know a damn thing about ships! How do I go about writing a scene on a ship when I don’t know what it looks like and what the names are for various parts and processes (I was in love with Wilbur Smith and his sensational adventures-land and sea- at the time)

The deliberate writing came later when I was studying teaching. I thought ‘it’s sane to be writing children’s books, I am a primary school teacher’. I ventured from children’s books to having my own children and leaving the teaching profession. It seemed to be a natural thing to allow myself to concentrate on writing good children’s books with a view to publishing them when my babies were sleeping. (I thought babies did this). I liked my children’s books but I was always trying to squash so much into so few words. I wanted to say more. 

I began writing my first novel with a view to penning a short story. 8000 words later I realised it was the novel I had burning in my mind forever. Six years later I have written three complete novels, two partial novels and some short stories. I am still, however, trying to write that first novel to my own satisfaction. I am now re-writing it completely for the third time with a working title of Maquerel


I had written a short story called The Hallelujah Roof for the One Book Many Brisbane competition in 2006. When they called me in early 2007 to say that I had won, I couldn’t believe it. It was truly one of the most remarkable, humble, peaceful and exciting moments of my life. Yes I would get $6000 (it would buy me some more time to write) but more than that it said to me that people who knew what they were doing liked my writing. I was so excited (and couldn’t tell the world for another month) I did what any sane/pshco writer trying to break into the publishing world did. I wrote my second novel in 31 days. Big River Little Fish. It didn’t win (or even get shortlised) in the QLD Premiers Literary Awards (and I’d had a dream that it would) but it did get me my literary agent, Sophie Hamley from Cameron Creswell Agency. While I was waiting to hear about whether anyone would publish Big River Little Fish, I did what any sane/psycho writer would do, I started another two novels and finished one, Brown Skin Blue. By May 2008 I had a contract with UQP publishers and in June 2009 it will be released. In the meantime, I am doing what any sane..(you get the idea) I am writing other novels. I’m still waiting to hear about Big River Little Fish. Follow the blog links to read an exert. 


I’m currently working on two adult novels and a YA novel.

Maquerel (working title)

An Australian literary fiction novel with a working title of  Maquerel is about a German deserter and a brothel madam in King’s Cross during the late nineteen thirties and early forties. It’s based around three real life people. The deserter, Walter Schmidt, the brothel madam(s) Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine, and a Dutch resistance fighter, Tip Wesser. I’ll be blogging about the strange and wonderful coincidental/synchronistic/psychic way in which this novel has unfolded. Subscribe to my feed to hear more.


This is a fantasy/adventure/romance set in a fictitious Ancient Polynesia. It is about Rangi, a Manorki princes, who is born with Jade green eyes amongst the black eyed, polynesian tribes. More about this later…

Brown Skin Blue sequal

This is a follow up book to Brown Skin Blue and deals with what happens to Barry Mundy when Sally’s caravan is found abandoned by the side of the road.


I have so many ideas for novels, I have to discipline myself to finish the ones I have loved enough to write. Let’s just say there are three other really good ideas I have for books to write when I finish the above three. 


Here are some facts about me. Most of them are true…all but 1!

I was born in South Australia.

I once feasted with the King of Tonga.

I run author events in Brisbane – Tim Winton, David Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs…

I have a dog.

I am married.

I was once a Professional Polynesian dancer.

I run training in alternative health practises and mind/body/spirit

At one time I was the ‘Queen of All Nations’.

I am intrigued by quantum physics insomuch as it relates to human consciousness, the biology of belief and mysteries of human intuition and spirituality.

I have two wildly wonderful boys.

In year 11 I melted the library photocopier.

I once spent a day in Boggo Rd Jail.

My grade seven teacher thought I was mentally disabled (to be fair I did spend all day writing and writing and writing. She said I couldn’t spell or manage grammar so it was a useless endeavor) 

Brown Skin Blue is my first published novel.

I love movies – Last of the Mohicans, Gladiator, Lars and The Real Girl, Chocolat – epics and brilliant literary dramas.

Goat’s Cheese makes me vomit.

I would give up most things for a damn good coffee.

My son says I obsess.


10 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Melanie Moss Says:

    Hi Belinda,

    Congratulations, this is fabulous!

    You are soooo well on your way to great things in 2009.

    If I dont see you , have a magical spirit-filled Chrissy. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


    melanie xx

  2. Belinda, you’ve done this section so well – it’s really interesting and you’ve covered lots of info in a friendly, approachable way.
    Your other stories sound intriguing.

  3. Jennifer Messina Says:

    Hi Belinda,

    You know what … I am so proud of you!
    Brilliant work by a brilliant writer about to achieve brilliant things in 2009……
    Thank-you for the mentoring and the coffee. I look forward to giving you a big hug at the launch.

  4. belindajeffrey Says:

    Thanks, Jennifer. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

  5. “I would doodle words and sentences and ideas without knowing what I was doing and why . . .”

    That is the best writing.
    When you write and you don’t know where you are going, or why, is the great adventure.
    That is freedom.

  6. Love your website, so easy to read.

    Loved your story from a few year’s back, Hallelujah Roof.

    Did you write for One Book this year?

    I wrote a Fantasy story this time.

    Good luck with your writing. I’d like to read your new novel,

    Brown Skin Blue.

  7. […] on AWMonline forums we will be running another Live Writing Race, with special guest Writer Racer, Belinda Jeffrey. Belinda is a prolific writer and published author of short fiction, who joins us fresh from a week […]

  8. Gilbert Wang Says:

    I don’t know what ‘s special in you, but all I found in you is that ” YOU ARE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND SMART LADY’

  9. Hi Belinda, I like the way you write the way you speak! The one thing that’s not true? Ummm…would you really give up MOST things for a damn good coffee?? Or perhaps did you really melt the photocopier? or… Well you get the idea!
    Pieces of pipe, sticks and stones. Sounds like a likely title for a novel! Murder? Bullying? (as in ‘may break my bones’).
    Anyhoo, good luck!, Janet

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