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Alain de Botton

Posted in Authors and books with tags , , , , , on August 19, 2009 by belindajeffrey

Ok, so I’m still posting from my old site, but not for long. Just waiting for the website wires and dentrites to realign themselves – within the day.

I came across this article about International author and philosopher, Alain de Botton, who is now writer in residence at London’s Heathrow Airport – which is such a cool idea. Ok, so his book is about Airports and travel but I love the idea of writing in a public space. The act of observation and interaction while writing. It’s such a different process than sitting at one’s desk in isolation and relying upon the concerted efforts of the inner mind.

I find that my mind opens up differently in a public space. Not just about what is going on around me, but it allows a different kind of ‘free association.’ In the act of distracting myself with who is walking by, what they are wearing, how they dress, what they say and what philosophical ideas this might trigger in my own mind, my subconscious is momentarily freed from the direct act of attention. My writing is fresher and more original. It is more organic and less cognitive. It’s a great part of my daily writing practice. I wonder if I can squeeze Brisbane Airport into my current novel set in 1956 on the Murray River in South Australia. Better let my subconscious percolate on that one.

I ran Alain’s event when he came to Brisbane and we sat 1200 people and I turned away hundreds of eager fans. After listening to this man’s presentation, I can see why he’s so popular. You can view his Brisbane gig on my youtube channel.